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Club Phone Number (320) 743-4960

Established in May 1989 Wild Marsh Sporting Clays, Inc., located in Clear Lake MN, offers a variety of shooting activities for both the recreational and competitive shooter. There are four walk through sporting clays courses. Each course has 8 two trap presentation stations. We also have an ideal warm up station perfect for the brand new shooter or anyone looking to shoot a quick 25 targets.

The Wild Marsh 5-stand opened in 2003 and is the compact version of sporting clays with 5 shooting stations and 25 targets. It uses 6 Automatic traps with the stations positioned under a shooting shelter for all types of weather conditions.

The Pistol & Rifle Ranges also opened in 2003. Shelter (A) is our 25/40 yard range with 10 partitioned benches. Shelter (B) is the 12 yard Pistol Range with 8 partitioned shooting benches. Shelter (C) is the 50 yard Pistol/Rifle range with 10 partitioned shooting benches. Shelter (D) is the 100 yard High Powered Rifle Range with 10 shooting benches.

Whatever your shooting needs are, Wild Marsh has it for you, both for the beginner to the advanced shooter. All our shooting facilities are open to the public. Since June of 2015, we upgraded all our clay shooting areas with the Promatic Card Reader system. This system gives you the freedom to shoot as many targets as you want and pay at the end or prepay for each round like you have in the past. The main change here is you WILL be accountable for every target you launch. Having guns in good working order, ammo that does not misfire and shooters that are ready for the launch of a target will reduce the excessive amount of waste we have encountered in the past. Because we understand, these things will happen we will include 8% extra targets per round. This 8% allowance also covers possible “no birds”, targets that break off the trap arm. With the new system we strive to limit trap troubles which in the same token will limit how many broken targets you will encounter. As we work together through good communication, you will see that this new system was a much needed improvement. This system also gives you the freedom for solo play. This allows the single shooter to shoot the courses alone. The solo play feature has a 3 second delay on the clays being launched. Our staff will be available for a brief demonstration on how to use this new system before you head out to the course. Our field crew will also be on hand, keeping our traps running at an optimal level. We are just a phone call away to help insure you have a great day of clay target shooting here at Wild Marsh.