Clay Pigeon Clay Pigeon Sporting Clays
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Both addictive and challenging, sporting clays is often referred to as "golf with a shotgun". Instead of sinking a ball into a hole, shooters aim to break targets along a designated course. Families, men, women and children can safely enjoy this energetic sport.

Started in England in the 1920's, sporting clays began as a way for hunters to practice their skills on shooting courses designed to simulate different hunting situations. Stations positioned in the woods or clearing allowed shooters to aim their shotguns at clay disks known simply as "clays". "Birds" are launched into the sky while "rabbits" bounce along the ground. Sporting clays uses a number of different types of clay targets. Combining different speeds and angles along with the different types and sizes of targets is what makes the game so challenging.

This sport arrived in the US over three decades ago and has triggered regional and national attention. Sporting Clays is rapidly developing into one of the country's fastest growing pastimes. Central Minnesota and Wild Marsh are becoming known as the destination for this exciting sport.

Wild Marsh consists of four sporting clay courses, with 32 stations that encompass 110 acres of land nestled among the majestic Norway pine and the mighty Oaks of central Minnesota.

Wild Marsh is open to the public and offers memberships for individuals, couples and corporations. Our clubhouse and picnic area is located in a wooded rustic setting.

Certified Instructors will tailor lessons for individuals and small groups. We can adjust the level of instruction for beginners or seasoned shooters.

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